Pastor Christman and his wife Tracy, along with their four sons, Chris, Sean, Jacob, and Isaiah have been with Trinity since May of 2006. They are new to the area, but are quite excited about getting to know this community.

Pastor Christman is a graduate of Baptist Voice Bible College in Wilmington, Ohio, he is also a graduate of Hamilton Baptist College where he holds a Master of Christian Education. He was formerly the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Covington, Ohio where he pastored many wonderful people for nine years. During his ministry in Covington he was led of the Lord to start the Old Paths Baptist Academy. Old Paths was a Baptist Academy that reached K-5 through the 12th grade. His oldest son is a graduate of Old Paths and is now pursuing a degree at Eastern Kentucky University in Law Enforcement.

"As the pastor of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church I would like to express my genuine desire to welcome you to our church. We have a growing church that is excited about serving the Lord. I cannot express just how excited I am just to remain a part of God's wonderful plan! I have much vision for this church. I desire to use the experience God has given me with teens and young people to reach as many as possible in Madison County. My feelings echo the words I have heard from a dear pastor friend of mine, Bob Hugan - 'Our young people are not the church of tomorrow, they are very much a part of the church of today!' We have a TEAM Atmosphere here at Trinity. We TEACH - EVANGELIZE - ADMONISH - MINISTER. We are working hard to make our Sunday School program the best it can be. Won't you come and bless us with the opportunity of meeting you and your family?"